Sky Music is a cornerstone in the Melbourne music store scene. Being around for decades they are a huge influence to a lot of what is now the Melbourne music scene. Supplying quality musical instruments and using reliable brands they have established a respected name in Victoria and we are proud to partner with them in our newest round of Weekend Warriors.

Music - It's something that seems to speak to all of us, even those who don't play an instrument. It's hard to describe the effect music has on us but it's fair to say life wouldn't be the same without an epic soundtrack to go with it.

Passion for all things musical is really the essence of why Sky Music Supplies was established, and we continue to develop and evolve each year to offer a broader range of tools for musicians to express themselves.

We started small and overcame a lot of challenges in the early years, and we're now proud to say we're one of the biggest and best music shops in Australia.

At Sky Music you'll find a massive range of products including:

  • As many as 1000 guitars in our inventory each day
  • The best range of pianos in Australia
  • A growing collection of tools for the recording musician
  • The biggest and best brands in the industry

We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and we work hard to bring you fair and competitive pricing as well as top-shelf service.