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If you love good rock, rock ‘n’ roll from the 60s, 70s and 80s or newer music, and you just want to play in a band again – or for the first time – then we will hook you up with other players….no probs!

Dai Pritchard explains The Weekend Warriors Program.


The Weekend Warriors program does everything possible for you to make this happen.
If you can play a few chords, keep time or hold a tune, that’s about all you need.
Guitarists, drummers, bass players, keyboard players, saxophonists, singers….everyone is welcome.

So to get started, it’s as simple as :

Step 1: Find your nearest location for an obligation free jam night. 
Step 2: Register Your Interest

Program Fees

These are essential – and represent excellent value for the service and experience that Weekend Warriors delivers. Weekend Warriors provides usually 5 – 6-week experience, all the gear is provided, the rehearsal space, the organization of the gig and importantly we engage the best quality people as our coaches and mentors.

Program fee: $395

We believe this is great value. Weekend Warriors get;

  • Fully equipped rehearsal space
  • FREE introductory JAM
  • Four rehearsals coached and mentored by Australian musical legends
  • Professionally staged Big Gig for family and friends
  • New musician networks through state-based clubs (currently being expanded nationally)
  • Weekend Warriors VIP Club card for that special treatment at our host stores

All fees are paid via website enrolment through the Payment Page facility on the website. We prefer all participants registering online prior to this, but payments can be made as a GUEST if necessary

Fees must be paid before the first rehearsal.

A part of the fee is going towards establishing Weekend Warrior Clubs in NSW and QLD. Any participants that might like to be part of the establishment of a community-based club, please contact us. These clubs can provide a way to continue making music after you have done a Weekend Warrior program as well as do good in the community. We have invested in the establishment of a constitution and would assist in the set-up process.

There are good examples of clubs and activities in SA and Victoria
Please contact for further information.
Payments can be paid online, anytime by clicking 'Shop' above – Where not possible, special arrangements can be made with the host store.
All net proceeds of the Big Gig are donated to the Australian Music Industry charity, Support Act or to the Host Stores local charity.

Thousands of fellow Australian Musicians have experienced the buzz that is live performance and musicians’ camaraderie through the Weekend Warriors program.

Many bands and musicians go on to perform professional gigs; many soothe loneliness or other troubles, and many get to fulfill a dream.

The Weekend Warriors Program is a safe, non-judgemental, encouraging and inspirational place in which to rediscover the music in you, or discover it for the first time playing with others – after all, playing with others is what it’s all about.