Paul Christie

Paul currently plays bass in Mondo Rock, featuring the original line-up of Ross Wilson, Eric McCusker, James Black and Kerry Jacobson.

He still loves playing their classic hits like ‘State of The Heart’, ‘Cool World’, ‘Summer of ’81?, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Primitive Love Rights’, ‘Come Said The Boy’ and many more. In all the years he’s been with the band he’s always been proud of the great talent Mondo Rock bought together, with Ross & Eric’s songs, James’ keyboard brilliance and Kerry’s mastery of the drums, and of course Paul himself on the Bass guitar.

In 1982 Paul created The Party Boys, a unique band in that its line-up constantly changed, which always brought originality and a fresh dynamic to each performance. Paul recruited friends from successful bands and toured sell-out shows nationally. This concept is something Paul says has some similarities to The Party Boys based on what he learned about managing, tour managing and performing in that act.

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