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Weekend Warriors Round 48

Monday 25th February 2019 @ 7 pm----- Jam/Registration Night (The Gov)

Thursday 2nd May 2019 @ 7 pm----- Band Meeting (Holden Hill Music)

*The rehearsal schedule for each band will be confirmed at the Band Meeting

Sunday 23rd June 2019 @ 12 pm ----- Final Concert (The Gov)

Weekend Warriors Round 49

Monday 14th October 2019 @ 7 pm----- Jam/Registration Night (The Gov)

Thursday 17th October 2019 @ 7 pm----- Band Meeting (Holden Hill Music)

*The rehearsal schedule for each band will be confirmed at the Band Meeting

Sunday 1st December 2019 @ 12 pm----- Final Concert (The Gov)

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Weekend Warriors – THE BIG GIG – Round 47 – 2 December 2018

(Reviewed by Michelle Maclean December 10, 2018)

Act 1 – 36 Gritt

The opening band ’36 Gritt’ started with Bryn Troath belting out the classic ‘Blue Suede Shoe’.  The 1955 classic made famous by Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and Eddie Cochran.  Michael Boyt provided backing vocals.  The vocals in this song were excellent.  Steve Brown provided a solid Bassline and Ian Taylor smashed it out on the drums.  The next song in the line-up was the ‘Creedance Clearwater Revival’ 1970 classic ‘Looking Out My Back Door’ sung by Bryn Troath and backing vocals from Michael Boyt.  Ian Chirnside guitar work was awesome.  I loved the musical outtro for this song, nicely executed.  The next song was ‘Green Limousine’ made famous by the Australian band ‘Badlovers’ in 1993.  Ian Taylor’s drums were solid and bass line from Steve Brown in this song kept this song pumping along.

The’ Cream’ 1967 classic song ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ was up next.  I loved Ian Chirnside lead break in this song.  Michael Boyt and Bryn Troath shared the vocals and had great harmonies in this song.  The next song required Ian Chirnside to change guitars before the band launched into ‘Black Magic Woman’.  This song was released by a number of artists including ‘Fleetwood Mac’ in 1969, ‘Santana’ in 1970 and ‘in 2005.  Michael Boyt and Bryn Troath shared the vocals and harmonies which worked really nicely in this song.  I loved the centre stage face-off between Steve Brown and Ian Chirnside during the song.  Bryn Troath also played the tambourine beautifully during this song.

Michael Boyt took on the lead vocals for this next song ‘Take Me to the River’.  Bryn Troath provided fabulous backing vocals.  This song was released by Al green 1974.  Syl Johnson and ‘Talking Heads’.  Ian Taylor’s drums were exceptional during this song and Ian Chirnside lead was awesome during this song.  The last song on this setlist was ‘Paranoid’ released by ‘Black Sabbath’ in 1970 also released by ‘Megadeath’ 1994 and ‘Metallica’ 2010.  The 36 Gritt version of this song was awesome and was a great song to end a fantastic set 😊


Act 2 – The Ring Ins

The first song in ‘The Ring Ins’ set was ‘Angel of Harlem’ from ‘U2’1988 ‘Rattle and Hum’ album.  Jarrod Chave gave a rocking vocal and guitar performance with this song.  Allen Gourlay and Jarrod Rooke provided a solid drum and bass line for this song.  The next song was ‘Keep Your Hands to Yourself’ made famous by ‘The Georgia Satellites’ in 1986.  Jarrod Chave on vocals minus his guitar for this song.  Matthew Thomson lead guitar work was awesome.  Great drum work from Allen Gourlay and Bass from Jarrod Rooke.  The next song was ‘Every Me Every You’ by ‘Placebo’ 1998 this song was more upbeat.  Jarrod Chave vocals were excellent.  Great guitar work by Matthew Thomson.

Then some blues was added to the set list with the classic song ‘Roadhouse Blues’ by ‘The Doors’ 1970.  Jarrod Chave vocals were awesome.  This song was musically tight and really well executed.  The next song was a high energy level song from the 1970 ‘Travellin Band’ by ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’.  Jarrod Chave vocals were spot on and Matthew Thomson lead in this song was fabulous.  Jarrod Rooke Bass was spot on. Allen Gourley drums were rockin’ and he performed an awesome drum finally for this song.

The next song was a total change of pace.  Jarrod Chave and Matthew Thomson picked up their acoustic guitars and had a seat while performing ‘Don’t Look Back’ 1975 made famous by ‘Oasis’.  Allen Gourlay moved off of the drums and played a Beat Box (awesome).  Great vocal work by Jarrod Chave and lead work by Matthew Thomson.  The last song in the set was ‘Now we’re Getting Somewhere, 1986 ‘Crowded House’.  Jarrod Chave on vocals and acoustic guitar.  This was a great last song to finish a great set 😊


Act 3 – The Love Fools

The ‘Love Fools’ opened their set with the 1979 ‘The Who’ classic song ‘Pinball Wizard’.  Georgi Berrill vocals were awesome.  Sheryl Wilson drums were excellent.  Jarrod Salmon provided a solid Bass line for this song.  Travis Vigo read licks in this song were fabulous.  The next song inspired the band's name

‘Lovefools’.  This song was made famous by ‘The Cardigans’ in 1996.  Sheryl Wilson and Jarrod Salmon provided solid drums and Bass line for this song.  Next, we moved into ‘Kids in America’ 1981 ‘Kim Wilde’ song sung by Georgi Berrill.  Travis Vigor provided excellent backing vocals and Gary Scott guitar work was outstanding.  Sheryl Wilson drum work was excellent.

Travis Vigar sang ‘Lonely Boy’ by ‘The Black Keys’ 2011 with Georgia Berrill provided backing vocals.   This was an excellent rendition of this fabulous song.  Sheryl Wilson provided solid drums and Gary Scott lead break was awesome.  Jarrod Salmon provided a solid strong Bass line for this song.  Then the next song was ‘Oh What a Night’ made famous by ‘Mr. Vegas’ in 2001.   Jarrod Salmon delivered on this strong Bassline and Sheryl Wilson drums were solid.  Travis Vigar provided some nice lead riffs and Gary Scott lead runs were awesome.  The Jessie J 2011 song ‘Price Tag’ was sung by Georgia Berrill and Travis Vigar provided outstanding rap vocals.  This was an outstanding version of this song and the audience really showed their appreciation at the end of this song.  Sheryl Wilson provided appropriate lightness and strength in her drumming during this song.  The final song in this set was‘What I Like About You’ ‘The Romantics’ 1980.  This upbeat song was a perfect choice to finish the set.   Georgia Berrill and Travis Vigar both sung and there were great harmonies.  Musically this song was very solid and executed well.  This was a great set 😊


Act 4 – Bronte and the Souruses

The opening song for Bronte and the Souruses was ‘Love Don’t Live’ this song was originally performed by Rose Royce 1978 and also performed by ‘Madonna’. Mathew Erikson sang this song and played guitar.  Bronte Smith and Rob Green provided backing vocals.  Gary Scott lead was great and David Keyes guitar was spot on.  Greg Palmer provided a solid Bassline.  The next song in this set was ‘3 am’ a ‘Matchbox Twenty’ song from 1997.  Mathew Erikson vocals were fabulous and Bronte Smith provided backing vocals.  Rob Greens drums were solid.  Gary Scott provided some excellent lead runs and David Keyes rhythm guitar was awesome. Greg Palmer provided a solid Bassline.  Next, in the line-up we had David Keyes singing for the very first time the classic 1963 ‘Johnny Cash’ song ‘Ring of Fire’. David dedicated this song to his wife 😊

Bronte Smith sang the next song, ‘Don’t Stop’ by ‘Fleetwood Mac’ released in 2014.  Mathew Erikson and Rob Green provided harmonies throughout the song.  Greg Palmer aced the Bass for this song.  Gary Scott provided some really nice lead breaks and David Keyes guitar was awesome.  The harmonies at the end of this song were outstanding.  Next, we had Mathew Erikson singing ‘Some Girls’ the 1979 ‘Racey’ classic song.   This song had the crowd singing along.  Rob green provided excellent backing vocals and the harmonies in this song were fabulous.  The set then had a change in pace with ‘Drive’.  The song started with a nice lead in drum roll by Rob Green with Mathew Erikson on vocals and backing provided by Bronte Smith.  The final song in this set was ‘Mustang Sally’ made famous by ‘Wilson Pickett’ in 1966 and ‘The Commitments’ 1991.  This classic song was an excellent choice for the final song in this set.  Bronte Smith and Mathew Erikson shared the vocals.  Ron Green provided backing vocals.  Greg Palmer, David Keyes, and Gary Scott were rocking out this song.  This was an awesome version of this classic song.  What a great set 😊


Act 5 – Another Loud December

This set opened with the classic ‘Dumb Things’ ‘Paul Kelly’ song released in 1987.  Charlotte Berrill vocals were fabulous.  Lachlan Weekley provided solid drums for this song.  Jules Backman key work was great in this song.  Travis Vigar Bass for this song was solid.  Stuart Thomson and Lachlan Sullivan guitar work were fabulous.  The next song in this set was ‘When It Rains’ by ‘Paramore’ released in 2007.  Charlotte Berrill sang this song.  Jules Backman keyboard work was lovely. Stuart Thomson 12 string guitar was magnificent.  Lachlan guitar work was solid.  Lachlan Weekley drum and Travis Vigar Bass were solid.

The 2004 ‘Missy Higgins’ classic ‘Scar’ was next on the setlist.  Charlotte Berrill vocals were fabulous.  Jules Backman keys were golden.  Lachlan Sullivan was loving playing the guitar in this song.  This song contains a lot of nice contrasting light and dark musical moments and the band nailed these.

There was a change of pace with the next song ‘Moondance’ by Van Morrison’ released in 1970.  I really enjoyed the full, big sound of the musical instruments in this song.  Travis Vigar nailed the Bassline in this song.  I really liked the Bass and guitar face-off moment during the song.  This is a classic song and ‘Another Loud December’ produced a beautiful version with an outstanding ending.  The next song on this setlist is on my list of favourite songs.  Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ released in 1975.  This was a great song selection, Stuart Thomson.  Thank you for choosing thus song 😊   The song introduction was outstanding with Stuarts Thomson on his 12 string guitar and Lachlan Sullivan’s accompanying guitar work.  Lachlan Weekley drums were awesome.  Charlotte Berrill vocals were outstanding in capturing the light and shade of this song.   Jules Backman keys were fabulous.  The next song was suggested by Charlottes dad ‘WishingWell’.  Lachlan Weekley drums in this song were amazing.  Lachlan Sullivan’s lead in this song had the crowd cheering (amazing guitar work for 12 years old).  The final song in this set was ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ released by ‘ZZ top’ 1983.  Lachlan Sullivan commenced this song with a fabulous lead intro.  Lachlan Weekley drums were solid.  Nice key work from Jules Backman.  Charlotte Birrelli vocals were fabulous.  Travis Vigar provided a solid Bassline.  Stuart Thomson guitar work was fabulous.  This was a great song to finish your set 😊


Everyone  - You were all awesome 😊

Congratulations Bryn Troath – Award Winner 😊


A Big Thank You 😊

Dino Jag - Coach and Master of Ceremony

Holden Hill Music -For Back Line Equipment

Lachy Bruce – Stage Coordinator

Josie Morrison – Event Coordinator

The Gov – The Venue and for offering fabulous food, drinks and service


Michelle Maclean