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Weekend Warriors Round 47

Monday 15th October 2018 @ 7 pm—– Jam/Registration Night (The Gov)

Thursday 18th October 2018 @ 7 pm—– Band Meeting (Holden Hill Music)

*The rehearsal schedule for each band will be confirmed at the Band Meeting

Sunday 2nd December 2018 @ 12 pm—– Final Concert (The Gov)

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Weekend Warriors – THE BIG GIG – Round 46

(Reviewed by Michelle Maclean August 12, 2018)

Act 1 – Lunch Box Legends

The very impressive set delivered by ‘Lunch Box Legends’ consisted of a range of 2000’s released songs and followed through with a selection of songs from the 1970’s.  Emma Kerr the lead vocalist launched into the set with Pinks ‘Who Knew’ (2006).  This was a great opening song for the ‘Lunch Box Legends’ and set the scene beautifully for the set to follow.  Next Emma Kerr delivered Elle King (2014) release of ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’.  Doug Mason rhythm guitar kept this song progressing beautifully.  John Kowald and Ian Taylor provided a solid Bassline and spot on drums.  We had Fedele Catalano provide tambourine support throughout this song.  The third song, Black Keys ‘Lonely Boy’ (2011) followed.  Fedele Catalano and John Kowald supported Emma Kerr with fabulous backing vocals throughout this number.  Richard Bailey provided an amazing lead run for this song.  Doug Mason rocked on his guitar with this song.
The second half of the set showcased ‘Lunch Box Legends’1970’s set with the first song ‘I Feel the Earth Move’, Carole King (1971).  This song reminded Emma Kerr of her mum.  This song was solidly executed and left us breathless as well as Emma Kerr (the dancing was the cause).  Nice work. The band followed through with ‘Tomorrow’ which was performed beautifully by Emma Kerr.  Fedele Catalano and John Kowald provided great backing vocals.  Richard Bailey wowed us all with his amazing lead break.

The next song had the crowd up on their feet and dancing.  ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac from their 1977 Rumours album.  Ian Taylor on drums and John Kowald led and delivered on this powerhouse song.  Richard Bailey provided rockin’ lead breaks and Fedele Catalano smashed out the keys for this awesome classic tune.  The final song in ‘Lunch Box Legends’ set was one of my favorites and finished off their amazing set perfectly with some ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ (1978) Bob Segar. The crowd were already on their feet and just kept on dancing and clapping along.  Doug Mason rocked this song and John Kowald provided another solid Bassline. Ian Taylor drums were spot on and Fedele Catalano and Ian Taylor provided amazing backing support.

Well, your band name said it all.  An amazing performance by everyone – you were ‘LEGENDS’. we loved all of you and your set 😊

Act 2 – Crossfire (Guest Band #1)

The next band was a Weekend Warriors guest Country Rock band ‘Crossfire’.  Who looked fabulous in their cowboy hats, checked shirts and denim.  The opening song for this set was ‘Let ‘Er Rip’ by the Dixie Chicks.  This song was a solid set opener and Tonia Brooks vocals were beautiful.  The next song ‘I Fought the Law’ has notably been performed by ‘The Clash’ and ‘Adam Brant’ this song had the crowd tapping
their feet and singing along.   Following on we heard ‘If I were you’ this song was released in Australia in 2001 by Kasey Chambers.  Yasmine Miles and Rob Green backing vocals and harmonies were superb in this song.  Teamed with Bob Clifford lead this song was a real winner for everyone.
No country rock set is complete without a song from the amazing Dolly Parton.  ‘Jolene’ released in 1973 had the crowd singing along.  Yasmine Miles and Rob Green harmonies against Tonia Brooks amazing voice were exceptional.  Leo Fanesi provided an amazing solid Bass line for this song.  The next song had the crowd up and dancing.  ‘Driving My Life Away’ released in 1980 by Eddie Rabbit. Once again the harmonies by Yasmine Miles, Rob Green and Leo Fanesi were exceptional.  The acapella finale for this song was absolute, beautiful.  ‘Runaway Train’ was next in the line-up and provided a change in pace.  This song included an awesome lead break by Bob Clifford.  The contrasting softer and stronger moments in this song were very effective and notable.  The Paul Kelly classic ‘Dumb Things’ (1989) was up next Yasmine Miles taking on the lead vocals for this song was amazing.  With Tonia Brooks and Rob Green providing backing vocals.  The final song of the set was ‘Greenriver’ a Creedence Clearwater Revival classic song released in 1969.  Bob Clifford provided a rippin’ lead solo for this song.

This was a great set and Leo Fanesi on Bass and Rob Green on drums were amazing.  Bob Clifford and Tonia Brooks, guitar work was awesome.  Vocals by Tonia Brooks and Yasmine Miles were fabulous. The backing vocals and harmonies by Yasmine Miles, Rob Green, Tonia Brooks, and Leo Fanesi were great.  This band was on ‘Fire’ 😊

Act 3 – Angry Katz

Unfortunately, the Angry Katz lost their keyboard player, who was also their backing vocalist at the last minute due to sickness.  This band steamed ahead and were exceptional on THE BIG GIG day even though they were one member down.  The Angry Kats started their set with ‘Take Me to The River’ an Al Green classic released in 1974.  A very talented Kim Henshaw belted out these vocals and played guitar.  Gary Scott and Steve Brown provided backing vocals for this big first number.  Sheryl Wilson rocked on the drums.  For the next song, Kim Henshaw moved to the acoustic guitar for the Paul Kelly classic ‘To Her Door’. This song had the crowd singing along.  Gary Scott played an amazing lead break.

The next song in the set saw Sheryl Wilson commence with an amazing drum roll to bring in ‘Sympathy For The Devil’.  A Rolling Stones classic from their 1968 Beggars Banquet album.   Steve Browns Bass playing was awesome and I was loving Gary Scott guitar work.  Then ‘Lunchbox Legends’ Emma Kerr appeared on stage, making a quick guest appearance to provide backing ‘Whoooaoooo’s’. Nice work Emma Kerr.  Angry Katz seamlessly rolled into the next song without a break in between songs ‘Hard to Handle’ Otis Redding 1968.  Gary Scott was rippin’ up the lead for this song. Steve Brown providing solid Bass work.

The next set song ‘Real Thing’ is a Russell Morris 1969 classic.  Kim Henshaw nailed the difficult vocals with this song and Kim also played some awesome lead runs for this song.  Sheryl Wilson was also amazing on the drums.  The backing vocals were great.  Nice work Gary Scott and Steve Brown.  ‘Wild Thing ’released by The Troggs 1966’ had the crowd up and dancing. Angry Katz version of this song was excellent.   The last song in this set was ‘Pretty Vegas’ released by INXS in 2005 on their Switch album that was released after Michael Hutchinson death.  The crowd loved dancing to this song as well.  This was an excellent song to finish the set.

Awesome work, loved your set, you were really ‘Cool Katz’ 😊

Act 4 – The Life of Brine (Guest Band #2)

The second guest band is currently the only Weekend Warriors instrumental band.  The Life of Brine played a fabulous selection of really, well known Surfy tunes that are featured in many movies and TV shows.  This set opened with ‘Apache’ the theme song from the TV show Wild Chicago. This song was released in the 1960’s by ‘The Shadows’ British Rock group.  Michael Grundy nailed the really, distinct lead run in this opening song.  The second song ‘Wipeout’ was released by Surferte in 1963 and has been featured in over 20 films and TV series.  This song had the crowd up and dancing.  Terry Strand provided some really, outstanding and solid drumming in this song.

‘Secret Agent Man’ was up next.  The Johnny Rivers 1966 version of this song was the most famous version of this song released.  This song appeared in the British Spy Series – Danger Man.  David Lawrence was amazing on the guitar and Rob Hutchings Bass was on point.  ‘We moved along to the ‘Good the Bad and the Ugly’ theme next.  This song appeared in Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western movie by the same name and starred Clint Eastwood.   I loved Rob Hutchings Bass and Terry Strand's distinct drumming in this song.  ‘Bombora’ was released by Surfaris in 1960’s.  Terry Strand beat out some amazing drum roles in this song. Michael Grundy lead break was awesome in this song

Next, we moved onto a theme song called ‘Rumble’. This was released by Link Wray 1958 and was included in the following movies – Top Gear, The Warriors, Pulp Fiction and Independence Day.  Rob Hutchings Bassline in this song was awesome.  I was liking Michael Grundys whammy bar action in the lead in this song. I loved the bands really big ending to this song.  The earliest known version of the song ‘Miserlou’ was in 1927 and was a hit for Jon August in 1946.  A rock version of this song was made famous by the Beach Boys.  This song was recently made famous from appearing in Quentin Tarantino Movie Pulp Fiction in 1994.  The ‘Black Eyed Peas’ song Pump It (2006) also includes part of this theme song. The crowd loved this song and they were up and dancing to this one.  The final song in this set was ‘Batman’ 1966.  This song was composed by Neal Hefti for the Batman TV series song had the crowd singing along to the catchy simple lyrics ‘Batman’.  This song was really well executed and a great choice for the last song in this amazing set.

I loved your set guys 😊

Act 5 – Rock Solid

As the band members were introduced and entered there were a few familiar faces from Act 1 – Fedele Catalano and Richard Bailey returned to the stage.  Rock Solids set started with the song ‘Can’t Get Enough’.  This song was released by Bad Company in 1974 and J. Cole in 2011 and was fabulous.  Jane Brown vocals and Bass playing were awesome.  Richard Bailey provided us with an amazing lead run during this song.  Allan Gourlay drumming was solid.  The next song on the set list was ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ a classic Pat Benatar song released in 1980 that was included on the album ‘Crimes of Passion’ Danny Massacci on guitar was awesome and Richard Baily lead for this song rocked.  I loved Jane Browns vocal and liked the solid ending that was delivered.

‘Real Gone’ was the song that followed.  This song was featured in the Disney Pixar Film ‘Cars’.  Fedele Catalano returned to the stage and played the tambourine and Danny Massacci played the harmonica and guitar beautifully for this song.  The next Rockin’ song was ‘Feelin’ Alright’ released by Traffic in 1968 in their self-titled album.  Joe Cocker also released this song in 1969 and it appeared on his album ‘With A Little Help from My Friends’.  The energy in this song from the drummer was exceptional. We also saw Fedele Catalano back on the keys for this song.  The band moved straight into the next song ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man, 2017 which appeared on their album, Woodstock.  Jane Brown’s vocals were amazing in this song.  There were some really nicely executed lead runs in this song and we had Fedele Catalano playing along magnificently on the keys.

‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ was up next and this song had the crowd up and dancing. The solid Bassline in this song was well executed by Jane Brown and Fedele Catalano returned on the tambourine which features extensively in this song.  Allan Gourlay drumming in this song was outstanding.  The final song in the set ‘Better’ kept the dancers up and moving.  This song was amazing.  Jane Brown paired Bass and vocals and Fedele Catalano backing vocals were fabulous. The awesome lead was delivered by Richard Bailey and Danny Massacci rocked on guitar. Allan Gourley drums were outstanding

I loved your set, this was an amazing ‘Rock Solid’ performance 😊

A Big Thank You 😊

Holden Hill Music -For Back Line Equipment

The Gov – The Venue and for offering fabulous food, drinks, and service