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Weekend Warriors Round 49

Tuesday 8th October 2019 @ 7 pm----- Jam/Registration Night (The Gov, Balcony Bar)

Monday 14th October 2019 @ 7 pm----- Band Meeting (Holden Hill Music)

*The rehearsal schedule for each band will be confirmed at the Band Meeting

Sunday 1st December 2019 @ 12 pm----- Final Concert (The Gov)

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Weekend Warriors – THE BIG GIG – Round 48 – 23 June 2019

(Reviewed by Michelle Maclean)

Band 1 – JJ Rapt

JJ Rapt was introduced as the ‘Family Band’, as it included three family members.  Aidan Salmon (10 years old), Jarrod Salmon and Teagan Salmon.  This is definitely a very gifted, musical oriented family.


JJ Rapt set was opened by the very talented Jules Backman providing us with a fabulous vocal rendition of ‘You Really Got Me’.  This song was made famous by ‘the Kinks’ in 1964 and ‘Van Halen’ in 1987.  Aiden Salmon drums were spot on in this opening song.  Jarrod Salmon rocked the bass and Teagan Salmon was fabulous on the keyboard.  Richard Bailey and Paul Divett guitar work were awesome.  The harmonies in this song delivered by Richard Bailey, Teagan Salmon, and Jarrod Salmon were fabulous.  This was an excellent opening song choice for JJ Rapt.


The next song for JJ Rapt was ‘Otherside’ released in 2000 by the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ and featured in their 3rd album Californication.  Richard Bailey lead guitar work was amazing.  Jules Backman vocals were fabulous.  Paul Divett guitar work was great.  Jarrod Salmon bass was solid.  Teagan Salmon keys were great.  Aiden Salmon drums were spot on.  The classic Foo Fighter song ‘Learn to Fly’ (1999), was the next song on JJ Rapt setlist.  This song appeared on the Foo Fighters Third Album ‘There is Nothing Left to Loose’.  I loved Jarred Salmon bass in this song.  Jules Backman was awesome.  There was solid key action from Teagan Salmon in this song.  Richard Bailey guitar and backing vocals were great.  Paul Divett guitar work was spot on and Aidan Salmons drumming was awesome. 


PJ Harveys, ‘Good Fortune’ (2000) from the Album ‘Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea’ featured next.  Paul Divett provided solid guitar work in this song along with Richard Bailey.  Tegan Salmon keyboard was lovely along with Jules Backman vocals. Aiden Salmon on drums and Jarrod Salmon on bass provided superb rhythm during this song.  JJ Rapt next song had the crowd clapping along to ‘I Love Rock and Roll’.  This classic song was made famous by ‘Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ in 1981.  Jules Backman nailed the vocals in this rocking song.  Aiden Salmon drove home the solid drum beats of this song.  Richard Bailey provided some really nice lead work.  Paul Divett guitar and Teagan Salmon keys were awesome.  Jarrod Salmon bass line work was spot on.  The harmonies from Richard Bailey, Teagan Salmon and Jarrod Salmon in this song were really nice.


‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole featured in their third album of the same name ‘Celebrity Skin’ was released in 1998.  Richard Bailey lead and Paul Divett guitar work were awesome.  A great keys performance by Teagan Salmon.  With solid drums and bass from Aidan Salmon and Jarrod Salman.  Another great vocal performance by Jules Backman.  The final song in JJ Rapt set list was ‘The Divynals’ version of ‘I Will Make You Happy’, ‘The Divynals’ made this song famous in 1997 and it featured on their album ‘Make You Happy’.  This song was originally released by the ‘Easy Beats’ in 1960.  This song started with a strong lead in and follow through by the drummer Aidan Salmon.  Jules Backman delivered great vocals.  Teagan Salmon rocked the keyboards.  Paul Divett delivered rocking rhythm guitar and Richard Bailey ripped up the lead.  The drums and both guitars finished this song with a great outro.  This was an awesome song to finish JJ Rapt great round 48 set.  I loved this set.


Band 2 - North Meets South


The second round 48 band ‘North Meets South’ the band’s name was based on the band members residing in the North of Adelaide and the South of Adelaide from One Tree Hill down to Flagstaff Hill.  A great band name.  The first song on ‘North Meets South’ set list was ‘It’s So Easy’. This song was originally written by ‘The Crickets’ in 1958.  This song was later made famous by ‘Linda Ronstadt in her 1977 from her album ‘Simple Dreams’.  The band got the crowd clapping along with the intro of this song.  Leann Megson delivered great opening vocals for this song.  Kym Garrick and Ian Chirnside guitar work were awesome.  Lee Craker bass was spot on and Rob Green’s drumming rocked.  There were some really great harmonies in this song provided by Lee Craker, Rob Green, and Kym Garrick.  This was an excellent set opening song for ‘North Meets South’.


The second song ‘Ventura Highway’ was released by ‘America’ in 1972.  Dewey Bunnell wrote this song and ‘Alligator Lizards in the Air’.  Rob Green delivered some amazing drums in this song.  Ian Chrimside delivered awesome lead guitar for this song.  Lee Craker bass was solid and on point.  Leeann Megson vocals were fabulous.  The backing vocals and harmonies in this song were excellent.  I particularly liked the harmonies at the end of the song, they were spectacular.  The next song was a Roy Orbison classic from 1964, ‘Pretty Woman’.  This song featured in the soundtrack for the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990) and starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  I was loving Lee Craker solid bass-line riff in this song.  Leeann Megson vocals were fantastic.  There was great lead work by Ian Chirnside and Kym Garrick guitar work was nice.  As always solid drums were provided by Rob Green.  Again, there were fabulous harmonies from Kym Garrick, Lee Craker and Rob Green both working beautifully with Leeann Megson.


Ian Chirnside carried out a bit of additional guitar tuning before launching into the next classic song ‘Don’t Stop’ by Fleetwood Mac.  This song was released in 1977 on Fleetwood Mac album ‘Rumours’.  Leeann Megson vocals were fabulous.  Lee Craker bass was strong and solid in this song.  Stage tech support started to respond to Ian Chirmside lead issues.  Ian did not miss a beat while this was happening.  Kym Garrick powered on with this song.  Rob Green drums were spot on.  The band aced the synchronized ‘Stop’ section in this song where the instruments stop and just the vocals continue through the ‘Stop’ lyric.  The harmonies in this song were awesome especially in the final section of the song.  Another awesome song for ‘North Meets South’.  Stage tech replaced Ian’s guitar lead.  Nice work tech team J


The next song in the line-up was ‘Are You Old Enough’ (1978) ‘Dragon’ song from their album ‘O Zambezi’.  Leeann Megson vocals were fabulous in this song.  Rob Green drums were solid.  Kym Garrick lead guitar work in this song was really nice.  Ian Chirmside guitar work was awesome and Lee Craker bass work was rockin.  Lee Craker vocals in this song were exceptional.  The backing vocalists were awesome.


The next song ‘Take It Easy’ (1972) by ‘The Eagles’ was chosen, Kym Garrick.   This song was co-written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Fry.  Leeann Megson vocals in this song were great.  Awesome guitar work by Ian Chirmside.  Lee Craker, Rob Green and Kym Garrick harmonies in this song were superb.  The lead work by Kym Garrick was excellent.  Rob Green drums were solid and on point.  This was a great song choice by Kym Garrick.


The final song in this set was ‘Dumb Things’ a 1989 ‘Paul Kelly and the Messengers’ song.  This classic song started out and continued strongly. Leeann vocals were fabulous.  Great guitar work by Ian Chirmside and Kym Garrick.  Awesome bass work by Lee Craker.  Again, the harmonies by Rob green, Kym Garrick and Lee Craker were amazing.  This was a really great song set for ‘North Meets South’.




Band 3 – Revolving Door


The third great band for round 48 is ‘Revolving Door’.  Multi-talented Michael Boyl sang in a previous round but today he is playing guitar.  The opening song for ‘Revolving Doors’ set was ‘Moondance’ a 1970 Van Morrison classic.   Rochelle Barker vocals where fabulous.  Mardi Mushan was awesome on the drums.  Neville Breitkreutz did a nice job on the keys. John Kowald bass was solid.  Michael Boyd and Peter Berry guitar work were excellent.  The vocal ending of this song was spectacular.  With great backing and harmonies from John Kowald and Neville Breitkreutz.  This was a great opening song for ‘Revolving Doors’.


The second song in ‘Revolving Door’ set list was ‘Under the Milky Way’ from 1988 by the band ‘The Church’ from their album ‘Starfish’.  Neville Breitkreutz moved from playing the keyboard onto playing guitar in this song.  Peter Berry lead guitar in this song was awesome.  Mardi Mushan drums were solid.  Michael Boyd guitar was fabulous.  Rochelle Barker vocals were awesome.  John Kowald bass was solid.  Neville Breitkreutz and John Kowald backing vocals were excellent.


‘Ex’s and Oh’s’ (2015) from ‘Elle King’ album ‘Lovestuff’ was the third song in this set.  Mardi Mushan commenced this song with an amazing drum lead-in and took total control with the over-head stick beats to punctuate the hold in the song.  Rochelle Barker vocals were fabulous in this song.  Peter Berry and Michael Boyd guitar work were excellent.  Neville Breitkreutz was great on the keys.  John Kowald held a good solid bass line throughout the song.  The audience was clapping and tapping along to this great song.


Alannah Myles ‘Black Velvet’ was the next classic song in the set.  Rochelle Barker vocals in this song were fabulous.   Michael Boyd rhythm guitar was awesome.  Mardi Mushan aced the steady solid drum beat in this song.  I was loving Peter Berry lead guitar in this song.  Neville Breitkreutz keys were awesome.  John Kowald nailed the bass in this song.


‘The Cranberries’ song ‘Zombie’ (1994) is about the 1993 Irish Republican Army (IRA) bombing in Warrington England.  Rochelle Barker vocals in this song were superb.  Michael Boyd’s lead in this song was fabulous.  John Kowald bass in this song was awesome.  Peter Berry guitar work was fabulous.  Mardi Mushan drums were excellent in this song.  Neville vanished off stage for the first part of this song and returned to play the keys with his head bandaged up.  A great song choice.


The classic Gloria Gaynor song ‘I Will Survive’ was the next song for ‘Revolving Door’.  Neville Breitzkreutz did an outstanding keyboard intro with this song.  Rochelle Barker vocals were amazing.  We had dancers on the floor for this classic song.  Mardi Mushan drums were solid and on point.  John Kowald bass line was excellent.  Peter Berry lead was awesome and Michael Boyd was fabulous.  We had a second lot of dancers get up and join the others 😊


The final song in this excellent set was ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ (1980) by Pat Benatar from her ‘Crimes of Passion’ album.  Rochelle Barker vocals were fabulous in this song.  John Kowald bass line was amazing.  The guitars were solid and on point.  Michael Boyd lead break was amazing and so was Peter Berry guitar work.  Neville Breitzkreutz did some nice key work in this song.  Mardi Mushan drums work was great for this song.  This was an excellent song to end this amazing set form Revolving Door.



Band 4 – Unified


The forth band performing today was our ‘Young Warriers’ band ‘Unified’.  I am always amazed by the talent of these young, up and coming performers.  Round 48 was no exception.  The first song in this set was a mash up of ‘What I Like About You’ (1997) by ‘The Romantics’ and ‘Rockin in the USA’ by ‘John Cougar Melencamp’.  Gina Nelson and Travis Vigar vocals were outstanding in this song.  Travis Vigar guitar work was also excellent.  Jackson Harvey (13 years) drums were on point with this song.  Lachlan Sullivan (13 years) lead guitar was also outstanding.  Sarah Griffin bass playing was also excellent.  This was a great opening song choice.


The next song was ‘Bad Case of Loving You’ made famous by ‘Robert Palmer in 1979.  Gina Nelson vocals were excellent.  Jackson Harvey provided us with some great kick drum action.  Lachlan Sullivan lead was fabulous. Sarah Griffin provided solid bass.  I love Sarah energy and stage presence when playing.  Travis Vigar guitar work was awesome.  The next song is one of my favorites, ‘Summer of 69’ (1984) by Bryn Adams from his fourth album ‘Reckless’.  Gina Nelson vocals were fabulous.  Lachlan Sullivan lead guitar was rockin.  Jackson Harvey drums were awesome.  Travis Vigar delivered solid guitar rhythm.  Sarah Griffin bass was awesome.  Gina Nelson vocal finish for this song was excellent.


The next classic song ‘Jail House Rock’ was a hit for ‘Elvis Presley.  Played by ‘The Beatles’, ‘Queen’, and many other artists and was a song that featured in the motion picture ‘The Blues Brothers’.  This song got people in the audience up and dancing and clapping along.  The drum work by Jackson Harvey was awesome.  Lachlan Sullivan lead was outstanding.  Sarah Griffin bass work was solid and on point and had great energy.  Travis Vigar rhythm guitar work was solid.  Gina Nelson vocals were amazing.  My favourite ‘Blink 182’ song ‘All the Small Things’ was the next song on ‘Unified’ set list.  This song was released on ‘Blink 182’ third album ‘Enema of the State’ in 1999.  Travis Vigar delivered great rhythm guitar work. Gina Nelson vocals were fabulous.  Sarah griffin bass work was exceptional.  Lachlan delivered a great lead run in this song. Jackson Harvey drums were spot on and included a number of amazing drum rolls and run in this song.


The 1979 ‘Queen’ song written by Freddie Mercury ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ was the next song on this fabulous set list.  Gina Nelson sang this song at the ‘Australian Idol’ Adelaide auditions recently but unfortunately, Gina did not get through to the heats.  This song got the dancers back up on the dance floor.  Needless to say, Gina Nelson vocals were amazing.  Lachlan Sullivan lead breaks were outstanding in this song.  The audience really responded to this song with clapping and dancing.  Travis Vigar guitar work was excellent.  Sarah Griffin bass was solid and delivered with high energy and presence.  Jackson Harvey drums were excellent.  Another great song choice.


‘Let Me Entertain You’ the 1997 Robbie Williams’ classic song was the next one on the set list.  Travis Vigar sang this song and his vocals were amazing.  Gina Nelson provided backing vocals and there were some nice harmonies throughout the song.  Sarah Griffin provided rockin bass for this song.  Lachlan Sullivan provided more fabulous lead work with this song.  Jackson Harvey drums were amazing.


The last song on this set list was one of my favourites ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ 1988 classic ‘Guns n Roses’.  Lachlan Sullivan opening lead was excellent.  Jackson Harvey then joined in with amazing drums.  Gina Nelson vocals were really strong and really suited this song.  Travis Vigar and Sarah Griffin stage connection while playing this song together was awesome.  Lachlan Sullivan delivered the amazing lead breaks and awesome lead guitar effects and an amazing lead finale.  Gina Nelson delivered and exquisite vocal ending to this song.  This ‘Young Warrier’ band has so much talent and energy.  This was a great set.


Band 5 – Deja Blue


The final round 48 band Deja Blue delivered an amazing blues inspired song set.  The first song was ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ originally written McKinley Morganfield and recorded by ‘Muddy Waters’ in 1954.

Craig Wilkins delivered great blues vocals with a spectacular vocal finish in this song.  Mardi Mushan returned to the stage on drums for a second set in this round.  Nice work Mardi Mushan.  Peter Loupy guitar was great and Gary Scott lead guitar was excellent.  Jarrod Roocke bass work was excellent.  This was a great opening set song.


The next song ‘Unchain My Heart’ was made famous in the 90’s.  Ray Charles first recorded this song in 1961.  Joe Cocker recorded this song in 1981. Craig Wilkins vocals were awesome.  Mardi Mushan drums were excellent.  Peter Loupy delivered great guitar work.  Gary Scott lead guitar work was excellent.  Jarrod Rocke delivered some nice bass work.  ‘Superstition’ 1986 ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’ was originally sung by ‘Stevie Wonder’ in 1972 and ‘Jackson 5’ in 1973.  This song had people up on the dance floor.  Mardi Mushan drums were fabulous.  Jarrod Roocke delivered a solid bass line.  Peter Loupy played some outstanding lead runs and Gary Scott delivered great guitar work.  Craig Wilkins vocals were fabulous.


The ‘Allman Brothers’ song ‘Soulshine’ from 1994 was the next song on the setlist for ‘Deja Blue’.  Craig Wilkins vocals were excellent.  Mardi Mushan delivered solid drums and a nice drum outro.  Jarrod Roocke bass was on point.  Peter Loupy lead break was amazing.  Gary Scott guitar work was excellent.  The next song is one of my favourites.  ‘Mustang Sally’ 1966 made famous by ‘Wilson Pickett’.  This song got our dancers back up on the dance floor.  Craig Wilkins strong vocals were outstanding.  Jarrod Rooke delivered backing vocals for this song and rocked the bass line.  Gary Scott and Peter Loupy guitar work in this song was outstanding. 


‘Walkin the Dog’. ‘Aerosmith’ version was the next song on the setlist.  This song was originally written by ‘Rufus Thomas’ in 1963. Then made famous by the ‘Rolling Stones’ in 1964 and ‘Aerosmith in 1973.  This song kept our dancers on the dance floor and ready for more.  Mardi Mushan delivered solid, on point drums with this song.  Craig Wilkins vocals were amazing.  He also had the stage crew delivering him fresh bottles of water J  Gary Scott guitar work was awesome and Peter Loupy lead guitar was amazing.  The last song in this amazing set was ‘I Just Wanna Make Love to You’.  This song was written by ‘Willie Dixon’ and first recorded by ‘Muddy Waters’ in 1975.  Peter Loupy awesome lead start had his guitar howling.  Jarrod Rooke bass was solid and on point.  Gary guitar work was awesome.  Mardi Mushan drums were fabulous.  This was a great final song for this amazing set.

Everyone – Such an amazing and awesome group of talented musicians.  You were all awesome 😊


Congratulations Mardi Mushan – Award Winner 😊


A Big Thank You 😊

Dino Jag - Coach and Master of Ceremony

Holden Hill Music -For Back Line Equipment

Lachy Bruce – Stage Manager

Josie Morrison – Event Coordinator

The Gov – The Venue and for offering fabulous food, drinks and service




Michelle Maclean