Steve Williams

Steve Williams has been a driving force in bands like Wa Wa Nee, Choirboys, Matt Finish, and performed with legends such as Jon Lord from Deep Purple and Ray Parker Jr. Beyond the stage,

Steve's work has been featured on popular TV shows like Countdown, Hey Hey It's Saturday, and international hits like Top Of The Pops. He also brings experience from the realm of musical theatre, having worked on shows like Man From Snowy River and Rocky Horror Show.

About Steve Williams:

Emerging as the lead guitarist of the '80s pop group Wa Wa Nee, Williams earned ARIA nominations and enjoyed chart success globally. After the band's breakup, he relocated to Europe and became a sought-after session guitarist. In 2020, he released the critically acclaimed ‘Surry Road Album’, featuring collaborations with numerous artists he has toured with over the years. His most recent album, ‘Déjà Vu’, was released in 2022 and showcases his multidimensional artistry as a composer and musician. "Steve Williams brings an unparalleled depth of experience to Weekend Warriors. His extensive career, versatility, and deep-rooted passion for music will undoubtedly make him an invaluable resource.

"We're thrilled to welcome Steve and believe that he will elevate the program to new heights."