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The Meet & Greet Jam is the first formal gathering for participants interested in joining the next round of the Weekend Warriors Program. You’ll also get a chance to meet the coach and ask questions about joining one of the bands in the upcoming round.

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Selecting Your Musical Competency Level

Welcome to the exciting first step of your Weekend Warriors journey! As part of our commitment to creating the most enjoyable and rewarding experience for you, we'd like to understand your current level of musical proficiency. This helps us match you with the right bandmates and ensures that you're comfortable and challenged in equal measure if you decide to move forward and join a band for the coming round.


  • Description: Ideal for novices or those returning after a break. Focuses on basic chords, rhythms, and song structures.
  • Key Features: Simple progressions, minimal technicalities, and fundamental skills.


  • Description: Suited for musicians with a grasp of basics, ready for new challenges. Introduces complex chords, varied strumming, and basic improvisation.
  • Key Features: Diverse chords, introductory riffs/solos, and emphasis on dynamics.


  • Description: For experienced musicians seeking to refine skills. Involves intricate structures and advanced soloing.
  • Key Features: Complex chords/scales, sophisticated song structures, and technical proficiency.

Remember, this choice is about your comfort level and helps us enhance your Weekend Warriors journey.


Choosing Your Ideal Band Type

It's time to pick your preferred band type based on your favorite music genre, era, and vocalist preference. This step helps us align you with like-minded musicians.

Band Type Selection Options:

Each band type comes with a 12-song example list to guide your choice.

  1. 60's Rock  - Dive into the era of revolutionary rock and roll. Perfect for those who love the timeless classics of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and more.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. 70's Classic Rock - For lovers of Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and other rock icons of the 70s.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. 80's Pop & Rock - Ideal for fans of the vibrant and eclectic sounds of the 80s. Think Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Bon Jovi.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. 90's Alternative/Grunge - Tailored for enthusiasts of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and the grunge and alternative rock movement.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Blues - For those who connect with the soulful and emotive tones of blues music.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Country Rock - Perfect for fans of the fusion between traditional country and rock elements.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Funk & Soul - For those who love to groove to the rhythm of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and other funk and soul legends.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Modern Pop/Rock - Catering to the enthusiasts of contemporary pop and rock hits.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Jazz Ensemble - For those who appreciate the intricate and improvisational nature of jazz music.

✴️Click here to view example song lists

  1. Punk Rock - For those who are fans of the high-energy and rebellious spirit of punk rock.

✴️Click here to view example song lists


Remember, the band type you choose should reflect your musical interests and the style you are most excited about performing. This is your chance to explore and enjoy the music you love with fellow passionate musicians!


Important Note: The song lists presented are meant as guides only. Once the final band lineups are established, each band will select their own songs to perform, which do not have to include any of the songs on these lists. This allows each band to create a unique set list that reflects their collective musical tastes and preferences, guided by the expertise of their coach.


Final Note:

Your selections play a crucial role in creating a dynamic and harmonious band experience. While we strive to accommodate your top preferences, flexibility is key. The more options you provide, the better we can ensure a match that suits your musical journey. So, go ahead and choose your ideal band types - your musical adventure awaits!