WWAUS – Program Growth and Outreach.. 2019 Looking Forward. Mar 11 2019

The Weekend Warriors program has grown so much over the past decade and grown so fast in the past 3 years. We have now not only incorporated the program in almost all major cities around Australia but we have also coupled that with the best mentors and coaches to create a flawless, fun and worthwhile program.

From joining Melbourne’s programs with Bob Spencer and Paul Norton or west to Perth to play with the slick Eddie Parise or even south to play in Adelaide with the loud and joyful Dino Jag.. it all goes to show that slowly we are creating a nationwide jam with the best and as you progress through a round of the Weekend Warriors you too can learn from some of the greats.

Recently just added our new mentor Steve Romig to head our latest program in Melbourne with Sky Music…also stay tuned for our upcoming new locations in both Sydney and Brisbane.

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